We create the networked office environment by fusing together information and telecommunications equipment. Internet capability allows intracorporate communication and access to global media.
The keys to our success in this segment have been:

  1. Focusing on small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  2. High productivity
  3. Making the best of our diverse sales channels (both directly managed and secondary agent shops)

To enhance the value of this business segment, we utilize databases accumulated over time in order to improve customer management and expand business.
Our corporate-oriented business segment mainly involves the sale of office automation equipment and fixed/broadband line services as well as the planning/sale of online advertising.

Corporate Business Segment Strengths
– Satisfying the Demands of a Wide Range of Users

  • Direct Selling (negotiation by visiting customers directly)
  • High efficiency and productivity in sales practices employed in our customer database
  • Sales and marketing capabilities — clear customer communication and trust
  • Low Costs

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Office automation equipment

We sell directly sell composite office machinery (copiers, facsimiles, printers and scanners) while offering greater work efficiency at lower cost. Our copier sale profit structure has yielded stable profits via a stock-type business model.

Additionally, management of customer databases allows us to time our promotions with their equipment replacements, not to mention offer products suitable to the customer’s business environment.

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Telecommunication Line Services

Fixed Lines

Since the deregulation of the telecommunications business brought about from price competition among carriers, a number of new services have been introduced; as a result, telecommunications today can be used at costs lower than ever before.

However, the myriad of price systems in today’s market makes it difficult to decide which plan is the most suitable.
We have established unique sales and consulting systems, calling on our industry know-how accumulated since our founding. We make proposals that suit our customers’ needs as well as help them cut costs.

Broadband Lines

We make proposals geared to our customers’ budgets and purposes, ranging from high-speed (FTTH) lines to easty-to-install ADSL lines.

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Mobile Phones for Corporate Use

Today, mobile phone carriers are offering diverse discount services for corporate users, which has stimulated price competition in this sector. Our proposals offer optimal price plans and systems that reflect the way in which our customers use mobile phones.

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Media Advertising Business

Mobile phone advertising holds great potential for growth in the telecommunications industry, the key being Technological Innovation.
The number of mobile Internet users has grown alongside increasing speeds of 3rd generation mobile phones and fixed price systems. Subsequently, the number of advertisements and website banners has also increased.
Our consolidated subsidiary, e-machitown Co., Ltd. Group has specialized in mobile Internet businesses. e-machitown targets enterprises of various sizes and has been supported by positive advertising effects and high customer satisfaction.

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