Feb. 1988 Hikari Tsushin Inc. (capital 1 million) was founded with the objective of selling and leasing OA equipment and telephones.
Jul. 1988 Launched agency services for handling subscription contracts for long-distance call services.
No.1 agent of DDI (KDDI) Corporation.
Apr. 1990 Commenced sales of copy and facsimile machines.
No.1 agent of Sharp Corporation.
Dec. 1992 Set up the International Business Division, and upgraded its international call service circuit business.
No.1 agent of Digital Communication Inc.(SoftBank)
Aug. 1993 Net sales exceeded 10 billion yen in 5 years after the company’s foundation.
May. 1994 Opened the first outlet of mobile phone chain in Shinjuku, Tokyo (under direct management).
No.1 independent agent as a New Common Carrier.
May. 1995 Started sales of business phones.
Jul. 1995 Started sales of PHS (Personal Handy-phone System).
Feb. 1996 Registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association only 8 years after foundation.
Established a record for the fastest registration and the youngest president on the JASDAQ at that time.
Aug. 1997 Net sales exceeded 100 billion yen 9 years after foundation.
Aug. 1998 The number of mobile phone chain outlets exceeded 500 nationwide.
Mar. 1999 Mar.1999 Crayfish Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary, and was renamed e-machitown Co., Ltd. in February 2006.
Net sales exceeded 300 billion yen 11 years after foundation.
Aug. 1999 The number of mobile phone chain outlets exceeded 1,800 nationwide.
Sep. 1999 The company’s stock was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange only 11 years after the company’s foundation.
Set a record for the fastest stock exchange listing and the youngest president in the first section of the TSE at that time.
Jan. 2000 Became an official sponsor of J-League soccer.
June.2001 Made Crayfish Co., Ltd (e-machi town Co.,Ltd.), its subsidiary.
Aug. 2001 The number of employees exceeded 10,000 nationwide.
Sep. 2001 Awarded a prize as an excellent group for “technical level of services and receiving visitors.”
Mar. 2002 Changed the accounts closing period from August to March.
Built a strong sales team which can sell over 3,000 copiers a month in the OA Dept. and became its No.1 independent dealer.
Jul. 2002 Newton Financial Consulting, Inc. separated from Call to Web, Inc. and Started medical insurance business.
Became top dealer for ALICO Japan & AFLAC.
Mar. 2003 The number of OA business offices exceeded 22 nationwide.
Jun. 2003 Adopted the two representative directors system.
Apr. 2004 Established the Hikari Health Insurance Society.
Mar. 2005 Recorded the highest operating income and net income since the company’s foundation. The number of OA business offices exceeded 62 nationwide.
Feb. 2006 Crayfish Co., Ltd. renamed as e-machitown Co., Ltd.
Established a call center in Dairen.
Mar. 2006 The number of call center operators for the insurance business exceeded 3,000 nationwide.
Oct. 2006 Granted the Privacy Mark by the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC).
Mar. 2007 The number of mobile phone chain outlets exceeded 1,000 nationwide.
May. 2008 Established a call center in Shanghai.
May. 2008 Conducted the buybuck of its common shares(Rate of total number of its common share 2.3%).
Sep. 2008 Made Pion Co., Ltd., its subsidiary.
Feb. 2009 Maturity redemption of straight bond (10 billion yen).
Jul. 2009 Awarded the official mark for being fulfilling the “Low for Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation” by the Japanese Ministry of Labor.
Sep. 2009 Transfered the managing rights of Venture Fund (VF) business to SBI Group.
Made Universal Solutions Systems, Inc., its subsidiary.
Oct. 2011 Moved to a new head office at 1-4-10 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
Jun. 2013 Made FT Communications Co.,Ltd., its subsidiary.
May. 2014 Made Keiozu Holdings Company, its subsidiary.
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