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Hikari Tsushin Group aims to provide products and services in a range of markets with the lowest marketing cost, maximum speed and highest customer satisfaction. In achieving this aim, we believe that we can make contributions to all our stakeholders and bolster our corporate value.

During fiscal 03/17, the telecommunication market was characterized by the growing proliferation of smartphones, and the number of smartphone contracts increased. Furthermore, a growing number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) led to a rise in services targeting consumers.

In this environment, Hikari Tsushin offered a variety of advanced IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) , playing an active role in many phases of their management. We also worked to improve our customer management system and pursue a more effective sales approach. Furthermore, Hikari Tsushin endeavored to strengthen its network environment by increasing its number of sales partners and salespeople. In addition to ongoing efforts to secure sustained profits through existing businesses, we embarked on new businesses, aiming to establish new revenue streams leading to further growth.

Through these efforts, the Hikari Tsushin Group will continue to enhance its corporate value and meet stakeholders′ expectations.

June 2017,
Takeshi Tamamura
President and Chief Operating Officer

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