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Hikari Tsushin Group has practiced its corporate philosophy of contributing to customers, shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders through its businesses, by pioneering for our customers new products and services that are created daily, and making them widely available as a distributor. We seek to help our corporate customers with their business administration through sales activities, help individual customers enrich their lives by offering products and after-sales services, return to shareholders profits generated in the course of enhancing corporate value, and return to employees the spiritual richness (reward for their services) and economic richness (remuneration) by establishing a merit system and a personnel appraisal system in which employees are rewarded in proportion to their efforts. We believe these activities will make an extensive contribution to society, and we will remain constantly committed to responding to the trust of our stakeholders.






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Becoming to leading distributor in Japan

The strength of Hikari Tsushin Group is sales and marketing capabilities. Leveraging these capabilities, we will respond to diverse customers needs in our quest to become the leader in our industries and specified areas, on the path to our ultimate goal of becoming Japan’s leading distributor.


To companies nationwide

We help bolster office efficiency and productivity, by offering an even better working environment, through proposals on information and telecommunications and also other office automation equipment, in addition to providing a range of other products and services.

To customers nationwide, via Hikari Tsushin Group call centers

We make proposals on information and telecommunication services and insurance products to meet individual needs and life plans. We also support business activities of member companies by offering mail-order products, business administration support services and other services that are useful for their business.

To people in areas nationwide, through Hikari Tsushin Group shops

We support businesses and lives of people in different regions through services closely tied to regional communities; more than 2,000 mobile phone shops are located nationwide. In addition to the services above, Hikari Tsushin Group hopes to strengthen the ties by interacting with regional communities and contribute to their development, through cleaning activities and volunteer activities.

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