CSR Philosophy

Hikari Tsushin believes that it is a company’s obligation to be accountable to all of its stakeholders not only in the economical dimension but also in the social dimension. The company’s stakeholders include, but are not limited to, customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, neighborhoods, local communities, and the environment. To be valuable company for all of our stakeholders, we are committed to increasing not only our economical value but also increasing our social value.

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“Clean up” Activities


“Clean up” Activities


General Meeting

The company headquarters is located near Ikebukuro Station, one of the largest and busiest stations in Tokyo. At Hikari Tsushin, about 10 volunteers of among our employees clean up the area within a radius of 300 meters from the station about three times a month. Cooperating with local communities, we engage in voluntary activities that are approved by the city hall.

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Creating job opportunities in local towns

Jobs’ concentration in metropolitan areas aggravates the employment situation in some local towns in Japan. However, today’s advanced telecommunications technologies make it dispensable in certain cases to operate call centers in large cities where operating costs tend to be high. Hikari Tsushin is operating a number of call centers (as of March 2008) in such local towns to create job opportunities with Business Partners.

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Environmental Activities

Challenge 25 Campaign


Hikari Tsushin is a member of Challenge 25 Campaign, a project run by the Ministry of the Environment. Hikari Tsushin is committed to action on global warming.

Transportation Policy

The Hikari Tsushin Group has more than 10,000 sales personnel, but sales activities are principally done on foot or using public transportation.

Trash Separation and Recycling

Hikari Tsushin trashes aluminum cans and steel cans separately, and gives them to recycling companies. Hikari Tsushin also requests recycling companies to collect paper used in its business operations.

Bottle Cap Collection for Vaccine Donations

Hikari Tsushin collects PET bottle caps in Hikari Center Building (The Hikari Tsushin Group’s head office). We donate them to a nonprofit organization (NPO) called the Ecocap Movement, which gives the proceeds to another NPO, Japan Committee Vaccines for World’s Children as funds for purchasing.

  • 400 caps collected separately with bottles are equivalent to 10.
  • Poliovirus vaccines cost about 20 per child. (800 bottle caps)
  • 400 bottle caps generate 3,150g of carbon dioxide when they are incinerated.

Poster display

Hikari Tsushin encourages awareness of environmental issues among all employees by posting signs encouraging them to save electricity and water.


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