Our Company (“We”) recognizes the significance of personal information and is committed to implementing the following:

  1. We have established our policy in handling information concerning your personal data (“Personal Information”), developed an organization to deal with this issue, and are committed to protecting Personal Information properly.
  2. We will advise you when we need to collect Personal Information from you, of the purpose of collection and the contact address for your information, and will collect Personal Information only to the extent that this necessary.
  3. We will use Personal Information only within the scope of the purpose of collection, manage Personal Information in an appropriate manner, and in no way disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party except under exceptional circumstances.
  4. We will keep Personal Information accurate and up-to-date, and take measures to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification, or divulgence.
  5. When we contract the processing of Personal Information to an outside party, we will bind such party to non-disclosure or non-redistribution by way of contract, and will oblige such party to implement appropriate management of the Personal Information.
  6. We will keep any Personal Information received from an outsourcer under strict control, and use such Personal Information within the scope stipulated in the contract.
  7. We will promptly deal with your request for confirmation, correction or otherwise of Personal Information in a reasonable scope subject to your notice given to our contact address.
  8. We will abide by any law, ordinance, rule or regulation applicable to any Personal Information under our control, and will maintain and improve each of the above commitments as well as the prevention and protection activities.

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Handling of Personal Information under Individual Services

  1. We will use Personal Information for the purpose of providing our services to you and for using the same in relation to business administration purposes performed within our organization, only to the extent appropriate for the provision of such services (as long as the purpose of use is clarified for each service, we will use Personal Information only for such purpose). By way of example, any Personal Information received by us in receiving a question, request, request for brochure, response to questionnaire, or participation in a campaign from you will be used for responding to your question or request or for sending the present or prize of the campaign, as well as for use in our business activities by compiling such data in a form not including any Personal Information; we will, however, in no way disclose Personal Information without your permission, nor will we use Personal Information for any purpose, nor disclose it to any third party (including for the sending of direct mails concerning our products or services) other than the stipulated purposes.
  2. Personal Information may be delivered to our contractor to the extent authorized for use.
  3. Please contact each individual contact address established for each service for more information concerning Personal Information. If no contact information is provided, please contact the PR&IR Department at (81)-3-5951-3718.

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