Forecasts and outlooks

The information on this Web site includes forecasts and outlooks for the future plans, strategies and results of Hikari Tsushin and its subsidiaries. These descriptions do not represent historical facts, but are future forecasts based on assumptions and beliefs, which we have made using information currently available. These forecasts include factors such as known and unknown risks as well as uncertainties, which could cause the actual outcomes, results and performance of Hikari Tsushin or its subsidiaries to deviate significantly from the forecasts cited. These variable factors include such potential risks and uncertainties as the economic situations in Japan and abroad, trends in the telecommunications industry, trends in the Internet industry, changes in laws, regulations and policies, and yen exchange rates where they impact the development of our international business.

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About Copyright

This Website is provided by Hikari Tsushin, Inc. Copyright and other rights in and to this Website shall belong to Hikari Tsushin. This Website, descriptions, charts, pictures, images, sounds and information which are accessible on this Website, software and data which are obtainable from this Website and any other contents of this Website are protected under the copyright and applicable laws of Japan and other countries as well as international treaties.

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Hikari Tsushin does not guarantee that the information or other contents of this Website is accurate, latest, complete or fit for a specific purpose. Hikari Tsushin does not guarantee that the function of this Website is free from suspension or error. Hikari Tsushin shall not be responsible for damages, reimbursement of costs or any other liability with regard to the use of this Website. Hikari Tsushin may change the contents of this website or terminate operation of this website at any time.

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